Current research

My group is supported from the programme SONATA BIS by the National Science Center (Grant No. 2019/34/E/ST2/00289). The main topic are the quantum droplets - the new and fascinating state of matter recently observed in Stuttgart (more details below).
I continue collaboration with prof. K. Rzążewski which is focused on the statistical properties of Bose-Einstein condensate.

Webpage of the project

Novel quantum phases in cold gases (NUANCE)

The aim of the project is to find and study new phases arising in gases of atoms interacting via two types of competing (attractive and repulsive) forces: short-range and non-local. When these forces compensate each other, new phases can be expected to appear, stabilized by quantum many-body correlations. This was the case with dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate, in which this year three groups observed a state behaving like a supersolid. Inspired by these discoveries, we will look for such phases in a broader class of physical systems, in particular in the dipolar gases and atoms trapped in the resonant cavities. First we find phase diagrams, then we classify excitations to finally investigate how the phases decay.

Statistics of Bose-Einstein condensate

The story of the Bose-Einstein condensation started with a serious of talks and letters of A. Einstein in years 1924-1925. All was about basic probability -- and, what it gives once we assume that particles are indistinguishable. The story continues. In collaboration with the theoretical group of Kazimierz Rzazewski and experimental group of Jan Arlt, w

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